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The Amazing You -videokurssi

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How Brilliant People Live Their Purpose & How You Can Too

Find Your Life's Purpose, Crush Your Worries Now, Think Like the Best Minds in the World & Achieve Outstanding Results


The Amazing You -elokuvan tekijän, Dragos Bratasanun koostama kurssi elokuvan jatkoksi.




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NASA's most renowned leaders use it, ASTRONAUTS use it, ROCK STARS use it, AWARD WINNING entrepreneurs use it, NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling authors use it, the creators of ANGRY BIRDS use this, and now YOU can use this wisdom.


Your teachers and guides in this course:



* Gregg BRADEN - New York Times bestselling author 

* Steve VAI - Grammy Award Winning Musician 

* Peter VESTERBACKA - Founder and Brand Ambassador for ANGRY BIRDS 

* Dr. Robert Richards - Co-Founder Singularity University & International Space University 

* Dr. Charles PELLERIN - Leader of NASA $8 Billion Great Observatories 

* Prof. Scott HUBBARD - Stanford University., NASA MARS Program Director 

* Dr. Ed HOFFMAN - NASA Chief Knowledge Officer 

* Dr. Dorin PRUNARIU - Cosmonaut, United Nations Division Chairman 

* Howard MARTIN - Vice President, HeartMath 

They have applied this information in their lives for more than 30 years and now they share with you the same wisdom of how you too can find your life's purpose, overcome your worries, attract important people on your side and transform your ideas into outstanding successes. 

We deeply appreciate you for stopping by and welcome you to our amazing community of over 100 highly-committed, paying students. 


The reality is: 

  • There are thousands of books, programs, courses on personal development available
  • They promise instant success but most of them fail to deliver on the results
  • They actually do more harm than good because they over-sell and under-deliver 


Why this course actually help you:

  • It doesn't promise overnight success, but offers strategies and critical education for you to achieve your short-term goals and long-term dreams and fulfillment. 
  • It has been proven to work for the last 30 years with thousands of people worldwide, business leaders, entrepreneurs, musicians, NASA executives, rock stars
  • It starts from your current (uncomfortable) reality, it's not about positive thinking, it's all about you getting the results you really want and deserve. 


IMAGINE NOW how would your life be different if you overcame your worries, believed more in yourself, had more confidence in what you can accomplish, lived more fulfilled and actually had the results you want and deserve. How would your life change if you had access to the same information the best minds in the world use to fulfill their dreams?

This course is based on THE AMAZING YOU movie, a breathtaking journey to success and personal transformation. The movie continues to inspire thousands of people worldwide. 


Facts about The Amazing You -movie

  • Global Film Award for Excellence Education & Personal Change
  • Translated in 15 languages in only a few months
  • Nominated in Top 10 Movies That Could Change The World


Feedback for The Amazing You:

"The movie is encouraging students, (and anyone that is ready to hear its message) to look deeper within themselves and find trust in their own ability to be co-creators with the inexhaustible source of selfless creative excellence that is in essence who they really are, because a lot of them have become fatigued with the unconscious selfishness that has caused so much suffering in the world.”

- Steve VAI, Grammy Award Winning Musician


"Absolutely beautiful and awe-inspiring! This movie reveals timely knowledge from amazing people, fundamental wisdom for your success'

- Haritina MOGOSANU, Starryteller, Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand


"This project will encourage students to work better, with more hope for the coming future because a lot of them became hopeless after the difficult years of war' 

- University Professor in Syria


"I LOVE IT! Your film will open the hearts and minds of many people to the world of amazing possibilities that await them"

- Dr. Robert RICHARDS, Co-Founder of Singularity University


Your teachers in this course:

* Flew space missions, 

* Sent robots to Mars, 

* Developed NASA's leadership and management savvy,

* Became NASA legends, 

* Sold 15+ million music albums, 

* Sold 2+ billion Angry Birds downloads, 

* Bridged science and spirituality, 

And only in this course they reveal their profound wisdom for authentic success and fulfillment. 


THE AMAZING YOU course shares 30 years of success intelligence and personal leadership experience combined with state-of-the-art discoveries in human development. Part of this knowledge has been used to increase performance in 1500+ aerospace teams, including the most complex programs in the world – NASA Space Shuttle, the International Space Station and advanced human flight missions.

You will never again have your heart broken because dreams seems out of reach.

Enroll now & step into your amazing future!


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