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The Amazing You -movie (download version)

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This movie has been picked one of the 10 movies that have the possibility to change the World.

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Note: This version does NOT have any subtitles. If you prefer to have version with Finnish subtitles, please click here. Huom! Tässä versiossa ei ole tekstitystä. Jos haluat ennemmin suomeksi tekstitetyn version, niin klikkaa tästä.



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NASA legends who put men on the moon, visionaries that landed robots on Mars, award winning scientists who built spaceships to travel far into our galaxy, rock stars that turned music into magic and entrepreneurs that changed the social paradigms with their business genius share with you the fundamental principles for creating authentic success. Together with them, you step into the future!


How do the best minds in the world live their purpose and how you can too

You are welcome to join us on this journey, to discover your true purpose and to discover new ways of making it a reality. This journey allowed the mind of man to expand beyond its frontiers, this information allowed humanity itself to travel beyond our world, to shatter the paradigms of our limits as people and to build our vision for a greater future.


And now, this information will be in your hands. Once you set foot on this breathtaking journey of inner exploration, you may never go back. Once you take the first step in the direction of your most wonderful dreams and your highest purpose in life, you can only walk forward. You will be guided by the people who literally took humanity out of the cradle – planet Earth – and up into the playground of stars. 



Original name: The Amazing You
Interviews incl. Nasa's astronauts, Rovio'sPeter Vesterbacka, rock legend Steve Vai and scientist Gregg Braden
Language: English
Subtitles: No subtitles
Length: 53min 
File: MP4-file. 

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If you are interested to share the message of this movie by screening it at school, in your company or for your team, then contact tiimi(at)uskallainnostua.fi. This downloadable version is for homeuse only.

Uskalla Innostua represents and distributes The Amazing You Movie in Finland.

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